class-leading features of the powermaxx system

Position Insensitive The PowerMaxx System can be installed at any angle.
Adjustable Front Clevis Allows up to 1/2" of adjustment, ensuring a perfect connection.
Adjustable Flow Valves Facilitates stroke speed adjustment independent of other drives being fed from the same air source. Allows independent speed adjustment of extension and retraction.
Internal LVDT Feedback Eliminates the need for manual adjustments or calibration.
Quad Solenoid Manifold Locks actuator in place in the event of loss of air pressure, power supply, or control signal. Found only on the PowerMaxx.
Swagelok Fittings We only use the highest-quality German-made Swagelok fittings and tubings on the PowerMaxx, eliminating seizing and stripping. The high-grade stainless steel will not rust.
Terminal Box Plug Ensures easy installation and greatly reduces wiring time.
Solenoid Operation Eliminates "stiction" by providing full force to actuator on demand change, pressure does not have to build up. Eliminates Overshoot.
Solid State Electronics Unmatched reliability, unaffected by transient noise.
Jumper Selectable Input 4-20ma or 0-10vdc by moving a jumper.
Jumper Selectable Output 4-20ma or 0-10vdc by moving a jumper. Independent of input.
Manual Override Mode Actuator can be moved manually if control signal is lost.
Dual LED Display Option Allows quick field inspection of setpoint and demand signal.
Status LEDs Power and Control Signal indicators, plus Signal Failure indicator.
Deadband Adjustment Reduces unnecessary oscillation, extending the life of the actuator.
Reversable Actuation A simple wiring change switches actuation from direct to reverse.
Repairable Circuit Boards All components are user-servicable. Fix single components instead of replacing the entire board.
Replaceable LVDT Feedback No need to replace the entire actuator.