extreme power for extreme duty

Capable of a staggering 42,400 pounds of force in extreme temperatures up to 350°F, the Powermaxx HD handles even the most punishing duty with ease.

The powerhouse of the ARCH line, the PowerMaxx HD is an advanced Electro-Hydraulic positioner system with power far beyond what comparable systems offer. With over 120,000 ft/lbs of torque, and a titanic 42,400 pounds of extend/retract force, there is no job too tough for the PowerMaxx HD. And with the precision of hydraulics, all that force goes exactly where you need it.

And the brains behind the brawn are pretty impressive too, with the PowerMaxx HD offering features you won't find anywhere else: a simple graphical user interface, multiple failure modes, onboard diagnostics, and setup that takes only minutes.

For your extreme-duty applications, the only choice is the ARCH PowerMaxx HD.

Electro-hydraulic hybrid drive

The PowerMaxx HD is a thrust-type, closed loop, hydraulic drive positioning system. This configuration, designed specifically for extreme duty in the worst conditions, eliminates problems common in other systems, and reduces repair and operation costs.

Designed to be retrofitted in place of existing pneumatic drives, the PowerMaxx HD system addresses many of the issues that make pneumatic drives unsuitable for harsh duty. PowerMaxx HD eliminates the problems associated with pneumatic drives: dirty or wet supply air, plugged orifices, pressure buildup, and stuck pistons are all things of the past. And without the need for constant air, the PowerMaxx HD equates a substantial savings in operational costs. 

Similarly, hybrid Electo-Hydraulic system avoids many of the pitfalls of purely electric systems. Unlike electric-only systems, our hybrid drive system does not suffer accuracy or maintenance problems due to ambient temperature.

In addition, the PowerMaxx HD offers multiple failure modes, including: Fail-In-Place, Spring-To-Close, Spring-To-Open, Accumulator-To-Close, and Accumulator-To-Open. Multiple failure modes ensure safe operation in the event of a loss of control signal, avoiding costly equipment damage, and is a feature exclusively on the ARCH PowerMaxx HD. 

intuitive Controls

PowerMaxx HD features a full -function Graphical User Interface (GUI), a simple and intuitive addition that greatly reduces training time and complexity, and allows the PowerMaxx HD to be installed and running in a matter of minutes. 

The GUI controls all system functions, including troubleshooting, unit setup, and local control. In addition, the PowerMaxx HD features an advanced onboard diagnostic computer, providing technicians error codes in real time, facilitating rapid adjustment and repair.

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