Technical data for powermaxx system

(50 PSI)
(100 PSI)
PMX2050 2.50 5.00 245/206 491/412
PMX4050 4.00 5.00 628/540 1256/1079
PMX6010 6.00 10.00 1413/1256 2826/2512
PMX8010 8.00 10.00 2512/2355 5024/4710
PMX8014 8.00 14.00 2512/2355 5024/4710

Body Material Carbon Steel
Rod Material Chrome-Plated Steel
Ambient Rating -40°F to 160°F (Standard Model)
-40°F to 318°F (Extreme Duty Model)
Solenoid Valves 4 Valves Mounted on Manifold
(2 Supply/2 Exhaust)
Coil Voltage 12Vdc @ 3 watts
Air Supply Range 50-150psi
Feedback Sensor 3-Wire LRT (Internal)
Air Line 1/4" Stainless Steel
Fittings Swagelok Stainless Steel
Exhaust Ports 1/4" Solid Brass with Flow Adjustment
Rear Mount Rear Eye - 17/32" ID
Front Mount Adjustable Clevis - 17/32" ID
Terminal Box NEMA 4 with Quick Disconnect

Local LED Display Shows Position of Actuator (0-100%)
Manual Loader Station Permits Auto or Manual Operation
Deadband Adjustment Adjustable from 0-50%
Panel Mount (Standard) Mounted on Back Plate for Inside Panel
Enclosure (Upgrade Option) NEMA 4 Fiberglass (6"x8"x6")
Connections Amphenol Military-style with Flying Leads
Calibration Each Controller is Calibrated to Stroke Length
Fail Hold Red "SIG" LED Indicates Loss of Control Input
Actuator Holds Position in the Event of Control Signal Loss
Feedback Monitor Yellow "LRT" LED Indicates Correct Feedback Signal from Actuator
Actuator Holds Position in the Event of Feedback Signal Loss
Power Monitor Green "PWR" LED Indicates 12Vdc Coil Power Supply is Active
Actuator Holds Position in the Event of Power Loss
Fail Hold Relay Selectable N.O. or N.C. Isolated Dry Contact for External Alarm or Control Notification
Relay Activates Upon Loss of Control Signal or Actuator Feedback Signal
Actuation Simple Wiring Change Reverses Actuator from Direct to Reverse