Simplicity meets Durability

When you need proven performance, bulletproof durability, unmatched reliability, and minimal maintenance, then nothing on the market can compete with the ARCH PowerMaxx positioning system.

ARCH PowerMaxx is a thrust-type pneumatic drive system, typically used to position dampers on large boilers. The PowerMaxx system is beautiful in its simplicity, with only one moving part, user-serviceable components, and a unique control system that does away with the need for constant adjustments and calibration. 

Retrofitting the PowerMaxx to an existing application is simple and straightforward. Our compact design allows for installation in even the tightest spaces, and with the optional heat shields, the PowerMaxx will function perfectly, no matter how harsh the environment. 

ARCH PowerMaxx. Built American Tough.

Why choose the PowerMaxx?

image/svg+xml All ARCH products are proudly made in the United States. We only use components sourced from the U.S. and Germany, assembled by American workers. It's our commitment to quality, and to keeping maufacturing in America.
image/svg+xml Save energy and lower costs with the PowerMaxx system. Unlike other pneumatic positioning systems, the PowerMaxx only uses air while the actuator is in motion, greatly reducing costs associated with operation.
image/svg+xml Inaccurate readings cost time and money. Which is why the PowerMaxx only uses solid-state electronic components, unlike other systems. Proven, reliable operation, unaffected by transient noise or environmental conditions.
image/svg+xml Pnuematic positioners often require constant calibration and adjustments in order to function correctly. Not anymore. The unique control system on the PowerMaxx eliminates the need for manual adjustment.

retrofitting made easy

Do you have an existing application using an unreliable positioner? The PowerMaxx was designed from its inception to be a simple, very fast retrofit, with a host of industry-leading features unmatched by the competition. The compact size of the PowerMaxx, paired with the ability to be mounted at any angle, means there is no limit to where the PowerMaxx can be installed. 

Operation and Failure Modes

PowerMaxx boasts several industry-leading safety features, offered exclusively by ARCH. Many pneumatic positioning systems continuously bleed air to maintain position using expensive instrument air. Our exclusive Quad Solenoid Manifold opens to change position and closes when the setpoint position is reached, eliminating the need for constant air flow. The actuator locks in place in the event of a loss of air pressure, power, or control signal, thereby preventing costly equipment damage and worker injury. If the control signal is lost, the PowerMaxx has an Emergency Manual Override mode that allows the operator to manually position the actuator, a feature not found on most pneumatic actuator control systems.